Yucci Tech Automatic Machine

Soldering machine
The soldering machine from Yuccitech contains the laser soldering machine and normal automatic soldering machine.
Different welding equipment can weld the same weldment, means we need to choose the appropriate welding equipment according to the actual application
If there is a lack of flooding power and gas source during field welding, only arc welding generators such as diesel (steam) oil DC arc welding generators can be selected as welding equipment. For precision weldments that are not allowed to be reworked or heat treated after welding, electron beam welders with concentrated energy, no need to add filler metal materials, less heat affected zone, and high precision should be selected.
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Founded in 2008, Yuccitech mainly produces standard automation equipment (such as Laser marking machine, Screw locking machine, Laser welding machine) and non-standard automated assembly, intelligent assembly, loading and unloading production line.
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