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Laser marking on metal Parts
Laser marking machine is used in more and more applications, exterior modification is an important step in quality improvement. The marking information of metal products mainly includes various characters, serial numbers, product numbers, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, production dates and product identification patterns. In the past, most of them were processed by means of printing, mechanical scribing, and electric spark. However, the processing by these conventional processing methods will cause mechanical surface extrusion of the hardware products to some extent, and may even cause the marking information to fall off.
In the marking application process of various fields of metal parts, there are laser marking machines suitable for iron, copper, stainless steel, alumina and other metals. The environment for processing is safe and environmentally friendly. The marked text and graphics are not only clear and fine, but also cannot be Erase, modify, this is very beneficial for the quality of the hardware products and the tracking of channels, anti-counterfeiting and blocking the goods.
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Founded in 2008, Yuccitech mainly produces standard automation equipment (such as Laser marking machine, Screw locking machine, Laser welding machine) and non-standard automated assembly, intelligent assembly, loading and unloading production line.
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