Dispensing Machine

Automatic dispensing machine

Item No.: YT-ADM-001
Three Axis;
Fully automatic;
Good price/performance ratio;
Repeated accuracy can reach ±0.01mm;
Flexible customization and OEM.
1.Three-axis adopts stepping motor + timing belt, with precision slide rails to ensure high-speed stability of motion.
2.Programming is easy to learn, there are offset settings, matrix calls and so on.
3.Commonly used graphics (circles, ellipses, rectangles) do not need to be taught, you can directly enter the parameter call.
4.Automatic dispensing machine can achieve any three-dimensional motion trajectory.
Model YT-ADM-001
Effective processing range 250/280/100mm
Max. moving speed XY:Max 500mm/s  Z:Max 250mm/s
Repeated accuracy ±0.01mm
Moving system Synchronize belt + Motor
Programming mode Teaching box
Parameter groups 99
Each set of program points 1000 point
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