Advertising word laser soldering machine

Item No.: YT-AWLSM 200W
High efficiency, high precision, high performance and easy maintenance
Good Price/Quality ratio;
EXW Shenzhen;
Long Service Time;
IR Laser, wavelength is 1064nm;
200W/400W available.
The advertising word laser welding machine is a new type of welding equipment used in the advertising word industry. Especially the Seiko word is very high in appearance requirements, so the welding technology requirements are also very high, and the traditional argon arc welding and cold welding are difficult to achieve Seiko. The requirement for labeling, the emergence of the advertising word laser welding machine perfectly solved the pain point of the advertising word industry. The emergence and practicability of the new laser welding machine technology will definitely bring about a technological innovation in the advertising word industry.
Model Advertising word Laser Welding Machine
Work bench Size 600*1100mm
Lifting Size Work Bench=500mm Path=600mm
Machine Power Supply 220V±10%/50Hz or 380V±10%/50Hz
Laser Power Pulse Φ7*145mm Laser cavity length117mm
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Output Laser Focus 80mm/120mm/150mm/200mm
Observation System CCD/ MicroscopeOptional
Total Weight 150KG
Workbench load bearing 50KG
Spot Size 0.2-3.0mm
Pulse Width 0.5-25ms
Pulse Frequency 0.1-100Hz
Max Power 200W/400W
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Protective gas ArgonOptional

High welding efficiency, welding speed is 5-8 times that of argon arc welding.
Low welding costs, ordinary workers can operate, no need to hire a mechanic.
High welding quality, neat and beautiful appearance of welding.
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