3W/5W/8W/10W UV Laser Marking Machine

Item No.: YT-FCUV-3W/5W/8W/10W
3W/5W/8W/10W UV Laser;
Good Price/Quality ratio;
Long Service Time;
IC crystal oscillator, sapphire, polymer film, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, wire, Apple mobile phone data cable products
UV laser marking machine is mainly used for glass, charger housing, earphone, TFT, plasma screen, textile, sheet ceramic, monocrystalline silicon wafer, IC crystal oscillator, sapphire, polymer film, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, wire, Apple mobile phone data cable The surface of the packaging bottle (box) of the polymer material is perforated and microporous.
Model FCUV-3W/5W FCUV-8W/10W
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Repeat Frequency 20-100 15-100
Pulse Width 20ns@30KHZ 25ns@10KHZ
Average Power 2.0-3.0@30KHZ 4.0-5.0@30KHZ 7.0-8.0@50KHZ
Power Stability ±2over 8 hours
Pulse Stability Deviation 3rms
Beam Quality TEM00M21.3
Beam Divergency Angle 2mradFull Angle
Spot Diameter 0.6±0.1mm
Spot Roundness 90
Indication Stability 50urad
Polarizing Direction Horizontal
Polarization Ration 100:01:00
Cooling Method Air Cooling Water Cooling
Environment Temperature 15-30()
Storage Temperature -10-50()
Relative Humidity 10-80
Preheat Time 10mins
Voltage 90-260V

1. Using precision laser, the beam quality is high, the focusing spot is small, the ultra-fine marking is used, and the definition is high.
2. The heat affected zone is extremely small, avoiding deformation, damage or charring of the material to be processed, and the product rate is high.
3. Use a wide range of materials to make up for the shortcomings of the widely used infrared laser marking processing.
4. It adopts digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, which is small in size, fast in speed and excellent in stability.
5. Flexible control mode, full-parameter internal and external control selection, adapt to customer needs of different applications.
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